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All registration info are delivered by Email after purchasing. Currently Instant Registration Key Delivery is enabled for purchasing single user license (1~9 copies) by Credit Card or Instant Fund Transfer. The system will automatically generate the registration key using buyer's email address as the user id and send it to the customer's email address. We still manually process other orders to provide customers more flexible registration choices like multiple keys or other requirements. If you do not receive the registration key within 36 hours after purchasing the product, just ask us. We will resend the key ASAP.

Any question? Contact us!!
Read FAQ here
How to Enter Registration Key


eDocPrinter PDF Enterprise Pack --
(eDocPrinter PDF Pro + Drag2PDF + PDFSealer)

EPDFENT-WKSLIC: (eDocPrinter PDF Pro + Drag2PDF + PDFSealer)
Workstation Licenses for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP workstations

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Ver 6.x Workstation Licenses
Starting from price only $59
(2~9 copies $55 each)
(10~49 copies $49 each)
(50~99 copies $39 each)
(100~249 copies $35 each)

If using eCheck by PayPal, users have to wait for a few days for the order to be processed since PayPal requires a few days for eCheck to be cleared.

Enter here for Purchasing multiple copies by PayPal.

EPDFENT: (eDocPrinter PDF Pro + Drag2PDF + PDFSealer)
Terminal Server Licenses for Windows Server 2k/03/08/08R2/2012 or later

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Ver 6.x, The number of clients license needed is equal to the total number of Citrix connection licenses of your server farm. (regardless of number of servers in the server farm). Prefer per-server licensing model, see below.
Terminal Server Connection License for 10~49 clients; 10 clients $490
Terminal Server Connection License for 10 clients $490
(10~49 clients $49 each)
(50~99 clients $39 each)
(100~249 clients $35 each)
More than 250 clients, Contact us

Terminal Server License (per-server licensing model):
Terminal Server License by number of Servers without number of clients restriction
Single Server $2500
(2~5 servers) $2000 each
(6~9 servers) $1700 each
Terminal Server Connection License for Application Service Provider:
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